Knowing that ideas precede action, and that Poets often have insights before others, therefore encouraged by my wife, Sheila, the importance of Poetry has been an essential part of my life and work. Designing for Poets and being in close proximity with them and their critics through my work on Staple New Writing has tempted me to try to blend design with writing. A starting point was to consider what being a man in the present means. The result of this work I put together in a production titled ‘A Man at Work’ in which I created the work, laid it out and designed the book as a total artifact. I make no claims for the virtuosity of the poetry but I regarded it as an exercise in the complete process of publication. I tried to create work in a number of forms, rhymed, free, villanelle, sonnet, parody and word patterns on the page. In addition to respond to the nationalistic pretensions of New Zealand and the qualities of places. The ability to do this, to produce one copy or a thousand copies, each part under my control and to have also a good quality of production, carried out very quickly and at a reasonable cost is an extraordinary and a major development in publication.

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I addition I have produced documents which in a practical way summarise aspects of design for sustainable living. The first of these is ‘The World’s First Eco-City?’ being a brief account of the proposal for North Bucks New City started in 1962. The second is ‘New Villages’ a consideration of the components for Sustainable Design which might be taken into account in creating new small settlements as alternatives to suburban sprawl.