St Lucia, Rodney Bay.

Lord ‘Jock’ Campbell, Chairman of the Milton Keynes Development Corporation, was also Chair of the Commonwealth Development Corporation in the early 1970s. It was suggested that within the staff of MKDC there was the expertise and experience to be consulted on overseas projects. The CDC had a problem development on the Windward Island’s, St Lucia, where there was project underway involving reclamation of land to link a small island to the mainland beach to create a resort.

There was little comprehensive pre-planning of this environmentally and culturally sensitive area in which considerable expenditure had been undertaken. Fred Roche did a brief assessment of the situation and I went to Rodney Bay, St Lucia, to attempt to create a viable and comprehensive development.

I led a working party including local architect Stroud Watson (an American), a local Engineer and financial and marketing expertise from CDC. Our work took four weeks of non stop effort. In which time we brought the project to near viability but immediately after our report was completed the Oil Crisis loomed which the CDC assessed would considerably reduce the marketing prospects to the largely Canadian and US potential buyers and visitors. Resources for the study were minimal – even photo copies were obtained from Barbados! Nevertheless, it opened my eyes to a wider world than Milton Keynes and formed a friendship with Stroud Watson.