Throughout my work, my effectiveness has been hugely enhanced by Secretaries who have worked with me and have been invaluable. I have for the most part remained in contact with them. I have had to do with other Secretaries whose influence has been considerable. The role of Secretary in relation to an Executive is a most important one and anyone irrespective of gender is strongly recommended from my perspective to work with a good and committed Secretary.

I would like to mention specific people, first, Secretaries of other Executives I have known.

Molly Burgess, Secretary to Donald Gibson, Fred Pooley and Arthur Ling in Coventry, who became centre of a wide circle of senior British Architects and Town Planners.

June Creed, Secretary to Fred Pooley at Buckinghamshire County Council, who through her total reliability helped the process which enabled Milton Keynes to be started.

Secretaries who participated in my work, Carol Finlay and Gena Parker at Milton Keynes though the hectic days of getting the new city under way. In Auckland, Gaylyn Barclay and Shirley Cracknell who interfaced with demanding politicians and staff. Shirley’s son is now an Architect with Context Architects in Auckland, after a great time with Hunt Thomson in London.

Lastly Sheila Berrett, herself Secretary to senior executives of several national companies and as well as working with me, demonstrated to me the great value of those who’s proud profession is ‘Secretary’.