North Bucks New City

   North Bucks New City, ‘Pooleyville’.

NBNC F B Pooley

F B Pooley CBE PPRIBA, County Architect & Planning Officer.

Around June – July 1962, I presented my High Wycombe Fire Station project to Fred Pooley, with some discussion around the free standing Boiler House flue. A day or so later he asked me into his office and said ‘ ….. what would be the implications of building a new city for 250,000 people?’, I must have responded well. He told me he would be away for some days and impressed on me the need for confidentiality. A lockable room was made available to me in the Structural  and Heating Engineer’s building opposite and I worked by myself on my proposals for about ten days. I’d already had thoughts about a site for development and visited it. The work was so sensitive that the report I produced was hand written. I gave it to Fred – he seemed very surprised and pleased and I believe, shared it with his Chairman Councillor Ireland, the County Clerk and the  Deputy County Clerk. He then asked me to develop the work further and to produce a report for the Planning Committee. At this stage it had to be typed and this was done by Fred’s highly valued Secretary June Creed. At this point she showed me an earlier report which had been done of which I had no knowledge. My locked room was transferred to the basement within the Council Offices building and I produced this report. All this was to be part of the Review of the County Plan and Dick Hamilton, the Deputy County Clerk – a most kindly and clever man became the facilitator of the processes which helped Fred Pooley get the project taken seriously.


There follows a video I shot when Fred Pooley and myself took a ride on the Wupperthal Schwebebahn.

The video following is a compilation I have assembled showing evolving forms of Public Rapid Transit. The term ‘Monorail’ was used in the proposals for North Bucks New City to indicate a form of elevated Public Transport which met our Performance Specification for the new city’s fare free public transport system.