On the Safège Monorail for NBNC Fare-Free Public Transport.

On the Safège Monorail for NBNC Fare-Free Public Transport

Changing Places

BILL BERRETT, Architect and Town Planner has worked on Cities throughout his career, first on the rebuilding of Coventry centre following its destruction by the Nazis, then on the creation and building of a New City which became Milton Keynes, after which working on the management of an existing City, Auckland in New Zealand.

Subsequently in the Universities of Leeds and Southampton has shown how Society needs designers who are able to cross old professional boundaries to work in Urban Design, with the Environment, to move towards Sustainability and to enable fulfilling lives for ourselves and our Planet.

I have three purposes in creating this website. The first is to record my life’s work as an Architect. The second is to show particularly to young people the wonderful range of opportunity, commitment and community service which has been open to Architects in the second part of the twentieth century. Lastly, to set out for future historians one architect’s experience of the end of the twentieth century, as so much I hear about that period is different from what I saw. Also to illustrate the true story of Milton Keynes and how it came about. It has been my privilege to be involved with Milton Keynes from the very beginning, I know of no-one else in that position.

This site, which is for record purposes, continues to evolve. Work is from my hand or with my involvement. Please make known any incorrect or missing attribution.

Contact info@billberrett.info