Book Design

I began doing book design in 1983 when a sixth-form friend Donald Measham, the Head of English at Matlock College started ‘Staple New Writing’, a subscription literary magazine. Inspired by Birmingham poet Roy Fisher to collect a few works ‘around a staple’, Staple ran for fifty issues over twenty years and I undertook the cover design and layout for all of them. Printing was by Tony Ward of Arc and Throstle Press, a highly respected publisher of poetry. The final edition cover, number 50, was of my designs for all of the covers. Staple became internationally known and in addition developed the series of monographs and collections ‘Staple First Editions’.

Staple 50 back cover

Staple 50 front cover














Having worked alongside poets and writers I wrote work myself and encouraged others who had never contemplated publishing to bring their work into print. Using on-line publisher I continue to to design and produce books for others.

Swift Song front cover WSE Up North Front Cover WSE TAIA Front Cover WSE STW Front Cover WSE

Old Love front cover WSE

Northern Views Front WSE

Late Harvest Front Cover WSE Dusk Bird Front Cover WSE












BOO ABR Front Cover

BOO WS PTBB Front Cover










After Staple was handed on to others, Donald Measham was able to pursue his expertise in Jane Austen and Ruskin and I designed covers for his publications.

Jane Austen out of the blue front cover WSE

A Dream of Fair Women front cover WSE Jane Austen & the Polite Puzzle front cover WSE

BOO Fourteen front cover WSE